Monday, December 29, 2008

Installing Slackware 12.2 in My Way

Yups, Today I've installed my slackware 12.2 fresh install.
Because of upgrading process failed therefor I have to do
fresh install :(.

Okay, At first i tried to install slackware 12.2 by using
bootable cd, unfortunately my installation disc is corrupted,
I dont have DVD ISO for this version and also I dont have
DVD Burner :(. So I have to find another way to install

I've tried to install from harddisk partition and failed due to
I was using NTFS file system and for my USB Stick is
FAT 32. And from now I realize that I've to use FAT16
file system or Linux supported file system such as
ext2 or ext3.

So, My installation way are:
1. I make bootable disc, even it contains corrupted
    packages file, we still can use this. Because we only
    need this disc for installation process like boot, and
    installation procedures.
2. Format USB Stick with FAT16 file system. I did this
    on my Windows XP by using below command
  format F: /FS:FAT16
     whereas F: is my USB stick's drive name
3. Create folder which contains Slackware 12.2
    packages. And please remember you have to
    put the packages in the same way as in installation
    disc or DVD or Slackware repository on internet.
    (use directory name : a, ap and so on)
4. Boot computer with slackware 12.2 bootable installation
    disc and then follow the instruction like usual, until you 're
    at 'select source stage'
5. In this stage choose installation from partition table
    and choose your usb stick. in my case was /dev/sda1
    and the follow the instruction.
6. Voila, I could install all of my needed packages from
    usb stick.
7. Please follow the instruction in remained stage

And now I've slackware 12.2 box on my laptop.

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