Thursday, January 26, 2012

My First Experience With Dell Indonesia Service Center

Last week I got problem with my laptop, the laptop often went hang up in random situation. It made me a little bit annoyed :P. So I decided to do Dell PSA (Pre-Boot System Assessment) test. After I ran the test, it showed an error message like below.

PSA+ 2000-0123 : Memory integrity test failed

I checked on Dell service website, this problem can be fix by plugging out and plugging in RAM module. But I didn't want to do that by myself because of warranty seal on back of my laptop right on one of the screws. So, I decided to go to Dell authorized service center in Mangga 2 Mall (Dell M2M).

In Dell M2M my laptop was checked, and they found out the problem was RAM module and I had to replace it with the new one. I asked them that I can replace in Dell M2M or not? Unfortunately every Dell service doesn't have parts, but one of Dell M2M employee said to me that currently Dell has service that called "On Site Service" which means you can call Dell Indonesia and tell them the problem and if it is needed one of their employee will come to your house to fix the problem.

But in my case I just need a new RAM module, so I called Dell Indonesia told my problem and ask them to send a new RAM module to replace my broken RAM module. After 1 day, Dell Indonesia employee came to my office and bring a new RAM module and he ensured me that I can replace the RAM module by myself even it would broke the warranty seal.

Finally I replace the RAM module by myself yesterday ^^v, but this "On Site Service" from Dell Indonesia makes me happy. Just call and tell the problem... ^^.

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