Friday, February 06, 2009

Open BSD on Windows' Qemu

The requirement are:
  - qemu 0.9.0 windows version
  - OpenBSD installer iso (I use OpenBSD 4.4)
  - Open BSD Installing experience

Install qemu (just double click on Qemu-0.9.0-install.exe)
     You dont have to install Kqemu, because OpenBSD can not run
     when kqemu accelerator is actived

Create disk image for open bsd
     qemu-img create -f qcow2 openbsd.img 3G

Install OpenBSD on disk image
  qemu -no-kqemu -L "C:\Program Files\Qemu\pc-bios" 
  -boot d -hda openbsd.img -cdrom install44.iso
     Ikuti petunjuk installasi open bsd sampai selesai

Boot Installed OpenBSD
   qemu -no-kqemu -L "C:\Program Files\Qemu\pc-bios" 
  -hda hd_img/openbsd.img -boot c

   Enjoy your OpenBSD