Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've got Cold

Hmm, because of too many overtime and home late, i've got sick at saturday till now its very unpleasant :(. But even i get sick i must work, today i check divx certification dvdp k*** series. I thougt its only take a short time but long particulary for playability checking. Untill now i haven't finished.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rejected Arabic OSD

Oh my god, it's unlucky my OSD was rejected three times which caused by uncomplete OSD, there're many osd which use english. But at first asignment i only got for changing and modifying major osd for example Setup Menu and the others will be folowed up by other team. But Now i get full responsibilities to make full Arabic OSD and check it work well or not.

I've release new Arabic OSD and i hope its'nt rejected anymore.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Never Ending Work

Yah..., never ending work, that's what we got here! Every work has scheduled by preemptive method. When we almost finish a job at that time we got new work, so there's no end of work.

Yesterday i came home at 00.20 AM, it's late, so late, i had planed to go home at 9.00 PM, but big boss called me to repair an NG (Not Good) arabic OSD, the repair takes 1 hour but making ROM file and update CD take 3 hours because i was asleep and it made me didn't made eloborate repair.

I am very tired today.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chinese Character

Yesterday i got job to make Chinese OSD for DVD Player, i thought it isn't complex like Arabic but it is. Chinese Character has many characters or alphabets and has different meaning each other. For this DVD Player there're 342 characters which were available and when you need a new character you must make it by yourself.

In ESS microprocer the order of Chinese Character is not same with Unicode Standar, so i must hash them one by one and its make me boring ang my eyes tired. That's a job we must do them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh... Padang.

Last Friday, i went to padang but my flight was resechedule from 6.35 AM to 3.40 PM, so there are 6 hours that i lost. Actually the plane flied at 4.00 from jakart and arrived at 5.30. It's pleasing at that time. Since i have worked at PT. SEIN, this was my first time went back to Padang. I love that city.

At Padang i only in my home spending my time with my litle brother and sister, we went to swiming, but after that, therefore in sunday morning rizki (my litle brother) got ear ill, i was very sad. I hope he will better soon.

I went backto Jakarta at 6.35 PM from Padang, but actually the plane flied at 7.15 PM therefore i arrived at Cengkarang at 8.45 PM, unfortuneately the but to Cikarang had gone, so taked bus which was going to Bekasi Barat and i would continue it by using another City Bus.

My  unlucky didn't end at that, i had choosed wrong bus which got to cikarang but taked a long way didn't pass broadway. And i curious that my room key was left in Padang. Finally i had at my boaring host at 11.30 PM and to came in my room, i must climb the window.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Air Asia Delay

Oh.., it's so unlucky i can make my plan because the departure was delayed. On Friday, April 6th 07, i've planned to go back to Padang at 6.35 AM. But by Afternoon Thursday, April 5th 07, Air Asia Customer Service said to me whereas my aviation is delayed because maintenance reason to 3.40 PM and it will waste my time. I only have limited vacant times sicnce i've worked at Samsung so only one day full left for vacation in Padang.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Indonesian and Arabic On Screen Display

For 3 days i have worked for making Indonesia OSD to DVD player for Indonesia Buyer, there're approx 2000 words was translated from English to Indonesia, fortunetaly Indonesian aphabet is latin's and we didn't need to make a new code emerge alphabets. The hardest way was when we translate English to Indonesian because we can't find the same meaning easily.

And now, i get duty to repair Arabic OSD, and it's harder than making Indonesian OSD, we must know the unicode, array, and variabel.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Do you know starbucks? off course you know, that a familiar word for the youth and perhap they often go to starbuck for taste a cup of coffee. But yesterday was my first time went to starbuck cafe.

My fisrt impression in starbuck cafe is it too elegant and makes me get litle bit nervous. But after a few minutes i feel comfortable with that, i thing that was caused starbucks big name and elitism. For me starbuck and others cafe are the same, i more apreciate and comfortable in local cafe or padang restourant, because i can't enjoy with elite or high class situation. That's me, i prefer martabak mesir than pizza.

O ya, i forgot, starbucks cafe reflect american culture and its so america