Monday, December 29, 2008

Installing Slackware 12.2 in My Way

Yups, Today I've installed my slackware 12.2 fresh install.
Because of upgrading process failed therefor I have to do
fresh install :(.

Okay, At first i tried to install slackware 12.2 by using
bootable cd, unfortunately my installation disc is corrupted,
I dont have DVD ISO for this version and also I dont have
DVD Burner :(. So I have to find another way to install

I've tried to install from harddisk partition and failed due to
I was using NTFS file system and for my USB Stick is
FAT 32. And from now I realize that I've to use FAT16
file system or Linux supported file system such as
ext2 or ext3.

So, My installation way are:
1. I make bootable disc, even it contains corrupted
    packages file, we still can use this. Because we only
    need this disc for installation process like boot, and
    installation procedures.
2. Format USB Stick with FAT16 file system. I did this
    on my Windows XP by using below command
  format F: /FS:FAT16
     whereas F: is my USB stick's drive name
3. Create folder which contains Slackware 12.2
    packages. And please remember you have to
    put the packages in the same way as in installation
    disc or DVD or Slackware repository on internet.
    (use directory name : a, ap and so on)
4. Boot computer with slackware 12.2 bootable installation
    disc and then follow the instruction like usual, until you 're
    at 'select source stage'
5. In this stage choose installation from partition table
    and choose your usb stick. in my case was /dev/sda1
    and the follow the instruction.
6. Voila, I could install all of my needed packages from
    usb stick.
7. Please follow the instruction in remained stage

And now I've slackware 12.2 box on my laptop.

A Bunch of Viruses on My Laptop

Yup, that's right. I got a bunch of viruses on my laptop
in Win XP SP2 Operating system.

I just wandering that i got thoses viruses after reformat
and reinstall my Win XP SP2. I didn't know which program
that contains virus. And as we know, the easiest way for
removing virus is reformat and reinstall again :D, i am very
lazy to analyze the virus, I dont have time (My Denial wakakaka)

So these are my step to remove the viruses :
- Scan, detect the virus and remove the infected files (whatever it is)
- Ensure the virus has been removed particulary in my Installer Software
- Reformat and do fresh install.
- Viola, no viruses anymore

So this all is a lamer way to remove virus. And I am one of a bunch of
lamers in this world... wakakakaka

Upgrade to Slackware 12.2 Failed

Yesterday i just tried to upgrade my Slackware 12.1 to Slackware 12.2
I've read the procedures on UPGRADE.TXT on disc 1 of Slackware install.

Basically the procedure contains 3 step:
 - Upgrade glibc library and packaging tool
 - Create script to update all of our package
 - Reconfigure /etc folder and lilo config

I'd tried and follow the instruction but the result was I could not boot to
my System. And for consequence I had to do fresh install but next time
I 'll try to upgrade my system again and not in rush to do all uprading

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Telkom Speedy On My Slackware

I am using slackware Linux and now I am home, In my home
I can not get 3G signal for my Indosat 3G broadband connection.
I just wondering why...., there is no 3G signal???

But fortunately, in my home I get Telkom Speedy connection here,
but my family always use MS Windows so i have to find how
telkom speedy concept and works.

And I realize that my Telkom Speedy uses PPPOE connection aka
Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet Connection. So what this stuff means??

Wikipedia answer that PPPOE is a network protocol for encapsulating
Point-to-Point Protocol(PPP) frames inside Ethernet frames.

My Telkom Speedy network scheme is like below.

[Internet]<- Phone Line ->[Modem]<- Ethernet ->[Comp]

and PPPOE on ADSL diagrams (copied from Wikipedia) is below

ADSL internet access architecture
Host PC Remote access server
Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet

Based on wikipedia definition and the scheme, I conclude that
PPPOE function for my network is to conveys communication
between ethernet [PC] and [PPP] Telkom speedy.

So, how do i build my connection on my Slackware box?
Previously I thought that I will face a complicated configuration
and process. But actually its just simple,you only need rp-pppoe  
and your speedy configuration such as speedy account,
speedy password, DNS Server.

The first step is install rp-pppoe on your system. And the do
pppoe-setup by typing
# pppoe-setup
and follow the instructions

So, you have configured your pppoe, and it you want to make 
connection you have to ensure that your eth0 or any network
interface doesnt connecto to your modem directly (has IP
in same network). To make connection you can do that by
# pppoe-start
and close connection by typing
# pppoe-stop

All of this command you must do those all in root mode.

I am in Padang

Yes, you're right.
This blog was not updated about three month.

There are some reasons for this:
 - I am too busy for my jobs
 - My internet conection is too slow?
 - And no idea

And this night i am in Padang, in my Home. With speedy
connection ( I love This!!!), because speedy is faster than
my 3G connection.

After 7 years i leaved Padang, so years by years i do not
see a significant change. Just like 7 years ago except new
International Airport :(

But i love it, i hope Padang can change to be more positive city
not negative.