Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dinner in Korean Restaurant

Hups, i have tried Korean Food yesterday, bulgogi, kimchi and soju. Korean Food is spicy and contain much garlic. The taste of kimchi like stale vegetables but if you can be normal with it, it can be delicious because of it's unique taste.

Okay, Now, we talk about bulgogi, the main things of bulgogi is meat, i don't know how they make, but it delicious. We wrap meat by colliflower, and put garlic in it. So put them all to ypur mouth. Its delicious!!

There were many kind of foods that i can't explain because i don't what they name are in Korea. There are many clam and other seafood.

Nice Food.


shilda said...

hey I want to know is there any korean restorant in yogya! thx

Gusman DP said...

I am sorry, i dont know about any korean restaurant in yogya. I try my first korean food is in Cikarang...