Friday, January 19, 2007

Cikarang City

Form January 8th, 2007, i have been in Cikarang.
Okay, i would tell some story about Cikarang.

1. Cikarang is 60 km off from Jakarta
2. If you want to go t Jakarta, it will takes Rp. 30.000,- at minimum
- Rp. 2000,- for angkot from Kos to broadway
- Rp. 9000,- for bus from Cikarang to Blok M
- Rp. 2000,- for bus from blok M to Center Jakarta
3. Everything is expensive
4. Very Hot, even it get Rain, it still hot, Rain's effect only far a minute.
5. To many factory and have 2 indutry area.

Today and so on, i'l try to hold on Cikarang city.

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