Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finally, I watch "Merantau"

It's been 6 months since this movie released in Indonesian cinemas. I have to wait for this long, until the DVD version is released. Originally I planned  to watch this movie in a cinema, unfortunately I was in Korea when this movie was released. When I was in Indonesia again, I couldn't find any cinema played this movie, so I had to wait the DVD version, and it took 6 months after all.

And this night, I find DVD version of this movie in Odiva (Rent Disc Store) and I rent it and watch it soon. As I expected this movie is good enough and worth to watch. I can say it is an oasis of Indonesia movie which has been cramped by horror and sexual comedy.

Anyway, many reviewers say that Merantau is a good movie. But you need to know what is your own opinion, if you didn't watch this movie in cinema , you can buy or rent the DVD.

Happy watching!

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Anonymous said...

yah aku belom nonton, da.. bagus ya?