Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh... Padang.

Last Friday, i went to padang but my flight was resechedule from 6.35 AM to 3.40 PM, so there are 6 hours that i lost. Actually the plane flied at 4.00 from jakart and arrived at 5.30. It's pleasing at that time. Since i have worked at PT. SEIN, this was my first time went back to Padang. I love that city.

At Padang i only in my home spending my time with my litle brother and sister, we went to swiming, but after that, therefore in sunday morning rizki (my litle brother) got ear ill, i was very sad. I hope he will better soon.

I went backto Jakarta at 6.35 PM from Padang, but actually the plane flied at 7.15 PM therefore i arrived at Cengkarang at 8.45 PM, unfortuneately the but to Cikarang had gone, so taked bus which was going to Bekasi Barat and i would continue it by using another City Bus.

My  unlucky didn't end at that, i had choosed wrong bus which got to cikarang but taked a long way didn't pass broadway. And i curious that my room key was left in Padang. Finally i had at my boaring host at 11.30 PM and to came in my room, i must climb the window.

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