Friday, March 30, 2007


What is my work at Samsung? I am a ESS programmer now who have a duty for resolving problem list of DVD model. I think ESS is a complicated code, the core of system still closed so we only modify opened part like OSD and Common Feature. All of ESS code was builded by C Language and for effectife and getting small size we use many preprocecor for controlling code and fitur which will be implemented.

During tracing proble i often traped in code, it's caused there are many global variabel for controlling program flow like semaphore and unfortunately i don't know what them for.

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Unknown said...

Rasanya pernah denger ESS sama Sigma/MTK, itu gimana sih maksudnya, tiap vendor beda ya makenya. Apa masing2 dipake bwat device yang berbeda.